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✓   Other PCB specifications
✓ *Bill of material - BOM list
✓ *PCB layout
✓ *Quantities (batch/annual quantity)
✓   Requirement for PCBA conformal coating, potting, washing, lasering (QR code, bar code, logo, other)
✓   Testing requirements
✓   Final assembly requirements - CAD data, specifications of plastic or metal parts, marking (laser, labels), other requirements
✓   Specific requirements
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July, 2022


CRT ELECTRONIC has been awarded the GRAND PRIX SCCI for Business Ethics for 2021.

This price, which is awarded annually by the Slovak Chamber of Commerce, is of great importance to our company, as CRT ELECTRONIC has been monitored by an external organization that has given our company the highest credit in applying of business ethics.


The award for CRT ELECTRONIC was taken over by its CEO, Mr. Miloslav Czurilla.


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