Our Services and Technology

Almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing modern electronic modules for complete systems made us a reliable partner for various industries, from consumer electronics through mobile and automotive technology to the Hi-Tech IT / T industry.
We are certified ISO 9001, ISO-TS 16949

Production facilities

Our Production facilities

SMD Osadzovanie dosiek plošných spojov, CRT ElectronicVýrobna hala pre osadzovanie DPSRučné osadzovanie elektronických súčiastok SMT assembling

  • average capacity 34,000 components per hour, under maximum load all lines 138,000 components per hour
  • various components assembling from size 0201, finepitch, μfinepitch, BGA, μBGA
  • 3-shifts working avaliable
  • 1 assembly lines equipped with SIEMENS Siplace (S20, F4)
  • 3 assembly lines equipped with PANASONIC (MSR, MPA)
  • 2 assembly lines equipped with PANASONIC (MSH2, MV2F)
  • reflow owens ERSA Hotflow 7, 9 > 7-9 zones owens and SIEMENS ReHm V8 Nitro

THT Assembling
  • 3 conveyer manual assembly lines
  • 3 automated soldering machines, Pb + Pb Free (2xATF, 1x SEHO)
  • ATF soldering using a nitrogen atmosphere
  • 1x selective soldering (Inter Select)
  • 3-shifts working available

Laser (engraving and labelling)
  • TRUMPF VectorMark VW800R
Automatic varnishing machine
  • NORDSON C708